Time to check in on the 30 day/100 mile challenge – “it’s only been a week…sheesh!”

Accomplishments: I made it into the green on the Nike run app that means you have more than 150 miles under your belt!! woot woot!!

Struggles: Workout Gear

The biggest struggle so far on this challenge is my workout gear – I don’t know if it’s because I’ve lost a little weight and my leggings are too loose or maybe my stomach is so round that the elastic band just keeps sliding down…either way I want to RIP OUT MY HAIR when I forget and wear them for a run.


Look at them…they’re cute and all but there is nothing worse than trying to run 3+ miles and having to hold up your pants in one hand and your phone and keys in the other…ugh!

So when do you buy new workout clothes if your losing weight? I mean, if I’m dropping pounds then I don’t want to spend my hard earned cash on something that will soon be too big.

But, who wants to run out in public looking like a bum? #TheStruggle (Hit me up with suggestions in the comments please!!)

But besides all that I’m loving this challenge… a little sore..but sore is good, right?