When I say fitness is a #STRUGGLE I mean it, but no one knows more about how real it can get than plus size fitness sensation @TaiMcqueen

She’s been dubbed the #PlusSizedTrainer (you can find her on instagram) because of her commitment to fitness and her shapely body, but with her size came a lot of criticism about her looks!

Tai took a stand on social media when she participated in the popular #beautychallenge and she tells how that negativity on the net helps her to this day to keep up with her fitness goals.

“I started my journey in 2011 standing 5ft 280lbs. It took me 14 months to drop over 120lbs. I’ve struggled with food addiction and depression my entire life, so I’ve never kept all the weight off. After a rough patch last year I gained about 50lbs back. During that time I left social media, and my return was met with a lot of taunting of my gain, bullying, social harassment and loss of support. Over the last year since my return I’ve focused on just being healthier, not necessarily losing weight. I’ve doubled my audience since then by showing them the real struggles of weight loss: sometimes you gain it back!”

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