So last year when I started this site I did it because I needed an outlet to express my constant struggle with fitness. The highs and the lows, if you will.

And it was working! I had gotten off to a really great start too, by starting my first #October100 challenge everything was going great. I was down twenty pounds, I was motivated and I was doing it!

But then the struggle got real….

In the middle of October I got offered a job at a news station in Bryan , TX and I was so pumped but I didn’t realize at the time that my strides in fitness would take a hit.

img_0257The move made me tired, I was only focused on making a great first impression at my job that I neglected my workout plan and most importantly I neglected eating right.

When life happens your supposed to roll with the punches and keep your priorities in order, I didn’t. Over this past year I gained all the weight back. I literally had no desire to get back in the swing of things.






The main reason was depression. I have never felt so alone in my life. Have you ever just looked up one day and thought “I have no one” even though you know you have tons of people who care about you? I would just kind of coast through life and along the way just eat fast food because it was there. If I was bored, sad, tired it didn’t matter I would just eat.

It was a stupid cycle. Eat, get fat, feel sad because i was gaining weight and then eat some more. WHAT KIND OF S@$T IS THAT!!

What changed?

Well, I went to a journalism convention in August and reunited with a old college friend!

She gave me the pep talk I needed to get back on track!

She reminded me that success is all in what we put in it. That there is beauty in the process. That the struggle however real it is, when you succeed you will know it was worth it.

We worked on a master schedule, a day to day plan that includes when I meal prep, when I workout. Because if you don’t prep you won’t do it! And that is SO TRUE!!



I also prayed, told God I’m sorry for trying to make it on my own and that he should be back in control….so now I’m back!

I’m motivated again! I still get tired and still don’t feel like it some days but then I remember no one ever got anywhere or anything by sitting on the couch!

If you find your self how I was, depressed and tired a say turn to God first, then get you some spark (it’s amazing) and GET TO WORK!!!

Oh and let’s talk through it together here on this blog, because we all know the struggle is real we just got to remember it’s beautiful!