For those of you who don’t know, I am a television news reporter and anchor. While the best part of my job is telling the stories of the people I meet, many believe it’s the “Glamour” of it all. The hair and makeup, the camera time, the celeb one on ones.

But to be completely honest that “Glamour” is literally 1 minute and 30 seconds out of my 10+ hour day. I don’t have a glam squad and a that camera time is a glorified selfie because i run the camera myself. Plus the city I live in, I might meet a celeb or two every 6 months… and believe me they could care less about what I’ve got going on. LOL

I think one of the hardest things about being an on-air personality, aside from the shameless begging for interviews and lugging around camera equipment, is the DEMAND to always be ON! To look like you walked out of a magazine, and in my case a plus size magazine, every single day.

Enter the very reason I’m writing this post!! Michaela Pereira ! of the MichaeLA show on HLN.

Michaela has met me once in person, You and I have met her a million times, watching her report the news on national TV. But the story of how our paths have crossed still gives me chills and is the reason I cried like a two year old when i finally got to meet her! (and also the reason i don’t have a pic to prove it..ugh!!!)

So here it goes,

One of my co-workers and friends Noelle Bellow (an amazing morning anchor at KBTX) is always dressed so chic when she’s on air, and one day she told me she had a box of clothes she wanted me to go through and try on! Now Noelle is not nearly my size so of course I gave her the side eye. But she said they were from a mentor and some of them were too big.

So reluctantly i gave it a whirl! I say reluctantly because anyone who know me, knows I struggle with finding clothes period, let alone the best fitting clothes that translate professional and young on TV.

The BOX WAS MAGIC every thing she let me try on fit! Like, that NEVER happens! But what also never happens is what happened next.

I finally asked Noelle who was her mentor because i wanted to send a thank you note… now mind you she had told me the name before, but it NEVER CLICKED. Now I was listening and when I finally figured out who’s clothes I was wearing I literally freaked.

Michaela Pereira!!!!! are you kidding me!! I was so honored and immediately felt like a million bucks!

Ever since, I have been sending my thank you’s verbally through Noelle but I wanted to let Michaela know how much her hand-me-downs meant.

But, you’re probably thinking ‘hand-me-downs? Who cares?”Michaela probably doesn’t even miss any of these dresses but they represent more than just a kind gesture. img_0258

There are a ton of plus sized women out there that are told they are to big to do this and to big to do that. Believe it or not as fine as I am, news directors and people in this industry have told me that my weight would play a factor in my success.

Michaela represents to me the woman that can do it! Every time I put on one of her dresses I think this was once worn by a woman who has sat in some of the TOP news anchor seats! It’s a reminder that I’m worth it. That I’ll be there one day. and I’ll be sending a box of old clothes down to the next girl!

Michaela I want to thank you from the bottom of my plus sized heart for indirectly caring enough about the next girl (me) and sharing some inspiration through fashion.

(You can see some of the dresses in this quick lil video!!)