I think I found my sweet spot, but this fitness thing still ain’t easy!

The last time we spoke I was gun hoe about dominating the #OCTOBER100 and I’m so proud to say I DID IT!! I walked, and ran over 100 miles during my birthday month.img_2116 The thought was that the major milage was going to jump start me into this fitness goal crushing beast, BOY WAS I WRONG!

What it did was, WEAR ME OUT! I was so exhausted from all the running and walking that I barely worked out in November and then when the holidays rolled around, well you can guess I just let life take over.

BUT!!! The good news is, I am NOT discouraged. I found a new Gym and *fingers crossed* I believe its just what I needed.

It’s called DELTA LIFE FITNESS and I would describe it as a cross between Curves for women and a Crossfit Gym. c422d428-16a5-480b-acf4-93398f2d44a4It’s not as intense as crossfit but were not sitting around in a circle on machines like you would at Curves.


I LOVE IT!! (Check out this video I made so you see what I mean)



What I Like:

  • The gym is just for women and they really care about making sure you reach your goals. 07dd6c45-dcd3-4a6e-bac2-ee9242036548
  • The workouts are different each day and they are already planned out w/ video demonstrations at each station.
  • They have classes that fit my schedule and your literally in and out in 40 min or so.
  • But aside from all the extra support the women give I LOVE the way I feel after one of these workouts, like I can conquer the day and no one is going to get cut! (i.e. I won’t catch an attitude because i’m so happy. lol)


Sooooooooooooo…. will this last or won’t it? (We all know how the struggle can get!)

I can’t say definitively if it will or not but I can say that I love the way the workouts make me feel. I’ve been doing them for two weeks so far and I can already see results! (I’ll share those in a later post when I re-weigh myself).

I also got an APPLE WATCH and that has really helped keep me motivated! 2ab7fa0d-fa1a-4b6c-9203-0a655ca52009


I can say that this gym costs more than my planet fitness membership and in a weird way I think thats better, because I guess i was cool with wasting 20 bucks a month. So spending more a month I can already tell you is working for me… I haven’t missed a class yet! I’ve even been motivated to get back in the kitchen and chef up healthy dishes! (I’ll get back to posting the meal of the month!).


So now it’s your turn! Tell me what’s been working for you lately when it comes to working out? I’d love to hear your story!

***p.s. Delta Life Fitness is a chain gym thats popping up all over the country but if you live in Bryan or College Station..you should check out a free class at the College Station location! Tell Anita ‘Whitney sent you’!***