When you work in television and your tryna get fit and still look SLAYED on air, a little piece of you days daily when you put heat on your poor edges! 

At least that’s the case for me! I have been wearing extensions since college and the damage to the hair Adrian’s the edges of my head have been up and down! Re specially during the times I have been on a workout kick! From perms/relaxers to flat irons I have literally done it all! 

But this year as you all know I’m turning 30 and I’m super serious about this weight loss journey so I have been trying to find a way to balance my hair life and to get all of my hair on the same page! 

I may have found the solution! Last month I asked a few of my friends, who happen to be in the beauty industry, to help me with a transformation! And BOY did they deliver! 

First up is @EarthsNectar and Natural Resources Salon! With their own line of natural hair  are products they specialize in growing the black womans hair! (Including those pesky edges!) 

During my appointment they washed me with their MINT TRIO system! Can we say AMAZING! 

Next they trimmed my fro! And thankfully I didn’t have to cut as much as I thought! 

That night I went over to @LueurElevee beauty lounge and got my lashes SLAYED!!! Can I just tell you she does amazing work and I was so relaxed during the session that I’m pretty sure I fell asleep! 

I recommend every girl try lashes at least once! 

And last but certainly NOT LEAST! I hit up the @completebeautybar !! This salon specializes in alll kinds of styles! From the naturalista to the long and beweaveable!! 

My girl, the owner, Katie ‘the baby’ Richmond did an amazing job coloring a wig she and her crew made for me! If you ever want your bundles colored I wouldn’t recommend anyone but her! 

By the end of this crazy two day trip to Houston I felt like a whole new woman and each of these salons knew how to make me feel loved and beautiful! Exactly the way a woman should feel!

You can check out the full transformation in this little video I made below!! 😘😘