How long have you been trying to get your “SnapBack” together? Maybe you had a baby recently and want to “SnapBack” to your pre-baby weight. Maybe you’re like me and you just want to “SnapBack” to the weight you were in high school. You know the weight you THOUGHT was big but you look back now and realize was PERFECT! (SMDH)




Ladies and Gentlemen!! I’m back and this time with a special guest!!

My good good girlfriend from college (The Ohio State University) Felice Green is joining us today to talk about what happens “When the SNAP goes way too far BACK.”

For me it’s just a matter of mind over matter, but there comes a ton of days when i’m constantly pushing forward and wondering….. OKAY BODY ARE YOU READY FOR THE COMEBACK OR NAH??

Without further ado…….. I give you FITNESS FE’ !!


When the Snap Goes Way Too Far Back

The Workout Woes of Fitness Fe

Jog…run up concrete stairs at Hoover Dam…jog some more…run down concrete stairs…sprint uphill…lunge walk uphill….grapevine uphill…sprint…squat at the roundabout…jog…run down concrete stairs…jog uphill to car…PASS OUT AT HOME! Side effects include immobility for 2 days, whining, and heavy Bengay usage.

I’m on the path to physical and mental wellness. My motivation is my wedding dress but it transcends far beyond this. I want to lead a healthy lifestyle to reduce the many risks that run in my bloodline. I also want to extend my life expectancy so that I have more time with my family and to walk in my purpose. BUT let me tell you, it has not been easy. I first tried just making some diet changes, but without practice and discipline, I found myself falling back into old habits. I didn’t have energy because I didn’t work out, and I didn’t work out because I had ZERO energy. On top of this, I really just couldn’t find the motivation to jump into action. Things didn’t change until an accountability and workout partner came into play, Kari.

She remembered I said I would workout with her, but she had to harass and force me. She hit me up once it started to get warm outside in the Spring, and the rest is history! Since this time, we consistently workout at least once a week, but most times we are at the gym multiple times per week after work. As my wedding date quickly approaches, we are taking things up a notch, with gym and outdoor time.

Let me tell you, my snapback game is on E!


I can see the vision and I know the end goal but the discipline required to maintain momentum is so draining. It also doesn’t help that I have a fiancé who continuously says he’ll love me how I am, no matter what

(yes I know that’s what he’s supposed to say but it makes me think, “this extra donut won’t hurt”). I’ve loved/hated Kari throughout the entire process of project fitness. When I want to slow down, she gives me the side-eye. When I take too many breaks, she pushes me further and adds more routines on. Heaven forbid I cancel on her, I’m reminded of my goal and that I’m only cheating myself (guilt trip).

We also share inspirational pictures during the week to help keep us motivated. My goal has not been met yet, but I’m noticing results not just in the mirror but through the feedback from my family, friends, and even co-workers, providing additional motivation to keep pushing.


Here are my top 5 words of advice to push yourself to reach your desired goal:

  1. Find a Partner  I haven’t been this consistent working out since the cheerleading squad in high school. It wouldn’t happen for me personally if I did not having someone travelling along with me on this journey. I’m intimidated by the gym. I wouldn’t know how to work any of the machines at the gym if my partner wasn’t there with me. I think everyone is staring at me and judging. In life, we need someone there to push us, motivate us, and hold us accountable to the goals we set. Without my partner, I would be falling asleep on the couch every night after work, completely drained from thoughts of the next day’s events. With my partner, I’m dedicated, I can push myself harder (not trying to look like the failure at the gym!), and I know I’m not alone.


  1. Create a Schedule & Define an End Date If Necessary Getting fit is not something you approach saying “I’ll just wing it!” NO! If you don’t create a schedule with an end goal in mind, you will forever be kicking the can down the road, thinking you have more time. For me, I want to look snatched for my wedding day, so I have an end date. Taking it even further, I know when I’m in Miami for my bachelorette party, I want my body to be beach-worthy, so right now we are going hard for the beach. After that, we’re going even harder up until the wedding day (or my last dress fitting, since I want the dress to fit☺). A goal without a plan and date is just a dream! Write the vision, make it plain, and attack it with all you have. This is the first time in a long time that I am committing to something so physically straining and every day I want to quit, but I don’t because I know the goal and when it must be met.


  1. Push Yourself Beyond What’s Comfortable but Don’t Overdo it If your mind is telling you to do 10 reps, shoot for 15 or even 20! We’re going to convince ourselves of whatever we feel comfortable with but getting in shape is not about what feels comfortable. It’s about results. Nothing worth having has ever been easy or comfortable, so push yourself outside of your comfort zone and go the extra mile. Your body may hate you in the moment but will love you in the end. Your snapback game and future health are on the line.


  1. Share You Goal with Your Loved Ones Don’t be a goal hoarder. Share with the people who matter most in your life. Why? Because often times, what matters to you winds up mattering to them too. This can also serve as another point of accountability. Example, you’re out to dinner with your mother for some mommy daughter time and here comes the dessert menu. As you prepare to order a slice of that big chocolate cake every restaurant has, your mom says “I thought you were working out and watching what you’re eating?” Queue the guilt trip emotions and *cancels cake order*. The other great thing about sharing is that these people will start to notice the different. “Felice are you losing weight? Your face looks thinner.” YASSSSSSSS, yes I am and thanks for noticing!


  1. Don’t Quit You may cry, you might not be able to walk without being in pain for a couple of days, and yes you will have to say no to a lot of things you would typically eat and do, but no matter what, don’t you dare quit! This is what you want/need in your life, so why shortchange yourself? You can take a break, have a cheat day, and yell at your workout buddy, as long as you do not give up on yourself. Let this be inspiration that pushes you beyond your limits. Let me get on my preacher soapbox for a moment…When things get harder and quitting seems easier than staying the course, that’s when you lean in and go harder. Your breakthrough is just on the horizon, so don’t give up! I often find that every single obstacle imaginable is thrown my way when I am on the path God has laid before me. Don’t get mad, start laughing and get back at it. Get off my back Satan because I’m doing this no matter what stunts you try to pull. Buh-BYE…GOAL MET!


I hope this helps you along your fitness journey.


We all know this is a challenge and nothing is going to change overnight. The key is to keep pressing, keep pushing, and keep exceeding your own expectations. See the finish line, imagine yourself crossing it with such joy and happiness, and get after it. Want to know something else pretty remarkable? These same 5 words of advice can be applied towards any goal you’re working to accomplish! I’ll let you simmer on that one.


God bless you all on your road to fit and fab!

~Fitness Fe