In this edition of #TFSTries I took on “Hot Worx Hot Yoga” at the Planet Beach Contempo Spa in Katy, TX.

And before you call me crazy for going inside a sauna on a HOT HOT HOT Texas heat summer day… HEAR ME OUT!

This experience was AMAZING. Check out the video Below!!




HotWorx is a unique take on hot yoga! ​It combines the use of infrared sauna therapy and isometric body postures to help you increase strength, reduce stress and flush unwanted toxins! 

(TMI alert… It really does flush your body of toxins. Shortly after the session I had to release some thangs and OMG I was grossed out but intrigued.) 

The reason is the amount of water you have to drink BEFORE, DURING, & AFTER. Because you are in a Sauna you are losing a ton of body water so you have to have fluid in you to release.

The cool thing about the HOTWORX session at Planet Beach is it was personal you don’t have an instructor you and your friends are taught digitally! Me and my best girlfriend came to celebrate her birthday with an active excursion. It was cool because it was just us in the room with the DVD instructor. It would be a great idea for couples, mother/daughter or old pals. I think the room can fit up 3 people.

I left this session feeling sooooo refreshed I’ll definitely be doing it again! If you know me personally, you know I HATE THE HEAT but there is something about sweating in a controlled environment that’s more rewarding than being beaten down by the TEXAS SUN!

I’ll definitely be back.