They say you don’t start living until you’re THIRTY! But really? Is that true? Because I thought I started living in 1987!


Regardless, 30 is a great milestone and its one that I felt should be celebrated to the MAX! But, what happens when you don’t have “to the max” money?

The Answer: You still kick it! but you do it on a budget! Through the course of this blog, you’ll see how I put on a pretty decent “Roaring Twenties” themed 30th birthday party with not a lot of coins.

The Name of the Game is FAVOR!

First things first, you got to go into your party planning knowing that the lord is on your side!! OKAY!! because throwing a shin-dig ain’t cheap! but with GAWD!! (GOD) on your side and a few angels (family friends) you can literally do anything.

So think about who you can ask for help, I learned through this that the people in your life love you and want to see you happy so they will help in any way they can.

Here’s how I did it!

Deciding on a Theme:

When it came to finding a theme for the party I scoured Pinterest!! I love Glitz and Glam so it was natural that I gravitated toward a “Great Gatsby” themed party.


There are a TON of ideas for cheap decorations, activities, and costumes on the site if you choose to go this route.

The second reason I chose a Roaring 20’s theme was that it’s an opportunity for your guests to dress up! My birthday is in October so a costume party is always a good idea so close to Halloween.

**I made my shawl!! Isn’t it sooo cute?**

The Venue:

This is one of the more pricey items on the list! This is where you need to CALL on Jesus and “Phone a Friend.’

Thankfully one of my dearest friends owns a super cute and super swanky salon in Houston’s Downtown Art District.

Natural Resources Salon is located at 4102 Fannin and it is BEAUTIFUL!

You may be thinking, ‘Why a hair salon?’ but if you check it out, it used to be an art gallery so it has great structure. The design team at the salon really put some time in making the place ideal for parties.

So much so they recently began an event space rental company called Main Street Gallery! Soon you’ll be able to rent out their different spaces for a plethora of party options. Send me a message for contact info – I’ll post their website to this post once its up!

In the meantime check out how I transformed her salon space into the ultimate roaring twenties kick-back.

Party Stations – Major key

For my party, I had 4 major stations. The food, the drinks, the photobooth and the dessert table.


When it came to food I let my guests know in the invitation video I made that I was providing “Light Bites” – Which really means I took my happy butt to Sam’s Club and Kroger for some ready to eat party platters! You get an amazing bang for your buck!


When it came to the drinks, like the video said it was BYOBimg_5442, however, I did start the party off with a few bottles of champagne, a few cases of beer, and some delicious punch made by one of my second moms Kareen.

My guests brought a lot of bottles.

I like the idea of BYOB because your guests don’t feel pressured to purchase a drink like at a bar or they can drink as much as they want. There is enough to go around.


I also had some really cute party favor stadium cups made for the party. I created the logo online and had a company called Totally Promotional (google it) print them! they were super cheap and added a personal touch.

Dessert Table:

My sister from another mister (also pictured) Annie Green killed the dessert table! It literally made the entire party.

From the gold draping cloth to the details on all of the chocolate covered goodies this girl knew how to get ROARING out of the 20’s!

She even got this cake made from a Pinterest post. Not only that we made a FAKE CAKE together out of styrofoam. just to add a little pizzaz to the sign in table.

But she wasn’t the only sweet treat! The Crowned Cakery came allllll the way through with some delicious cupcakes that also went with the theme! They were Gold, Black, and White and they complimented Annie’s dessert table sooo well.


The photobooth was simple! Balloons were the name of the game! Another one of my “second moms” donated some of those img_5435really big clear balloons with glitter inside to me. I had them blown up and we hung them from the top of the photobooth backdrop.

I also used those huge “30” balloons as the main focal point. For the actual booth itself, I used my Ipad and downloaded an app called Pocketbooth.  

This app is AMAZING!! You can even set up a printer to it and have your photos printed. I opted for the text option because, well it’s 2017. Check out the photobooth fun my guests had in this clip I made.


The party isn’t a party unless you got bumping music!! img_5262I had a really cool DJ come through.

Mocha Brown of Mocha Brown productions!  She literally does everything! From music to photography! She’s awesome and she knows parties.  All I had to do was hand her my PLAYLIST and BAM, instant party.


For invites, I went NEW SCHOOL with the social event app Hobnob! It basically lets you create an online invitation and invite people via text message.

It also will give you a link to the invite that you can share on social media. when your guests RSVP the app creates a guest list for you!img_5163

Oh and I also purchased a pretty awesome Snapchat filter for the night! Depending on the part of town and how long you want the filter up it’s not really expensive. Mine cost about 20 bucks.





Final Ingredient: Friends and Family!

Finally, the last thing you need for a really great party is friends and family! I have some amazing ones!! Too many to name but I hope you all know how much I love and appreciate each and everyone of yall for taking the time to help me celebrate becoming a woman!

I leave you all with a few pics from the night! Enjoy!

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