So it’s summer and you don’t quite have the summer body you were looking for during the winter months… or maybe you do but over memorial day weekend you went in and now you wanna tighten it back up. Whatever it is, lets hit the reset button and do a FITNESS CHALLENGE.

And I’m not talking about ‘Fitness Taco in your mouth’ lol.

So here it is, I’m training with OrangeTheory Fitness Collge Station this month, and during the month of June, they want me to hit the gym at least 4 times a week.

That’s it, just 4 sweat sessions for 4 weeks.

But, I’m extra so I’m uping the ante a bit and adding some CLEAN EATING, and FOOD LOGGING with MyFitnessPal.


If you want to join me HERES WHAT YOU DO….

1. Take a GYM SELFIE every time you hit the gym each week and post them on TheFitnessStruggle Facebook page. (You can also tag me in an Instagram post with the hashtag #fitnessstrugglejunechallenge)

You have to go 4 times a week! Look I’ve already scheduled my whole month on my Fitness calendar. (You can make one too! Click here.)

2. Download the MyFitnessPal app and log your meals, you can add me on their as well my username is @TheFitnessStruggle

3. If you have any clean recipes, feel free to share them with the group on Facebook, lord knows we all get tired of grilled chicken and broccoli.

4. Finally, weigh yourself before you start!

And that’s it! JUNE CHALLENGE!  Good Luck!

My Starting weight 250.8