Yo-Yo weight fluctuation and years of trying to understand this thing called fitness is why I started this site.

Hi, I’m Whitney Miller and let me tell you The Fitness Struggle is sooooo real! (Holler if you feel me) 

But bigger than the struggle of it all, I know fitness is a lifestyle change that says “Hey I’m HEALTHY”, and while I’m at it why not get FINE along the way!

 I tell all of my friends I’m on a crazy journey to be #NOIG (that’s short for Naked on Instagram). Now, I won’t really be taking off my clothes for the gram but I want to be so fine that a few heads will have no choice but to turn.. lol

Ok, but seriously have you ever struggled to find the perfect balance between wanting to look good naked and enjoying a Chic Fil-a #3 spicy chicken sandwich, large waffle fry, with 2 chic fil-a sauces. oh and you can’t for get the large HOMEMADE Lemonade! (okay see what I did there…smh I’m telling you the struggle is real lol)

 But if this has ever been you then subscribe to this blog we’ll fight the struggle together.

I’m Whitney and I too know TheFitnessStruggle