Raise your hand if your one of those people who absolutely NEED a #WorkoutBuddy to get you pumped for fitness. The STRUGGLE is so real that you’d rather have someone with you to ease the pain of your next fitness bootcamp.

Some Buddy Motivation for you!!

For me it took years for to understand how a ‘solo burn’ could be so cathartic – but don’t get me wrong #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork and here’s why….

  • Consider it a date – A time to catch up with your bestie or a new gal pal – your burning calories and finding time to make sure your buddies aren’t neglected.
  • Eating out can be counter productive – If you have a fitness goal to reach having a fitness buddy can keep you from spending at the bar or eating out. Someone who’s just as motivated to reach those goals!!  So why not go for a walk instead?

If having a #FitnessFriend won’t cramp your style here’s some tips to nab a team!!

  • Join a Fitness meet up group – these are great because your out there meeting new people who want to accomplish the same thing.
  • Take your pup for a walk at a park – If your pooch is as cute as this one…your sure to nab a workout partner along the trail, HECK you may even nab a #BooThing (Wink Wink). 
  • Finally, use a fitness app like Nike +, not only will the app send your cheers along your run via Facebook, but you can join a number of challenges with friends to keep you on track! (Ain’t nothing like some good ol’ competition) 

When you do finally land that #FitnessBuddy try these workouts best done with a homie!!

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